Christless Christianity Sequel Forthcoming

With thanks to Aron for the reminder, Mike Horton’s “sequel” to my 2008 book co-MVP has just been released: The Gospel-Driven Life: Being Good News People in a Bad News World. If Christless Christianity diagnosed the problem, Gospel-Driven Life offers solutions. From the back cover/publisher’s release:

“With The Gospel-Driven Life Horton turns from the crisis to the solutions, offering his recommendations for a new reformation in the faith, practice, and witness of contemporary Christianity. This insightful book will guide readers in reorienting their faith and the church’s purpose toward the good news of the gospel. The first six chapters explore that breaking news from heaven, while the rest of the book focuses on the kind of community that the gospel generates and the surprising ways in which God is at work in the world. Here is fresh news for Christians who are burned out on hype and are looking for hope.”

And from Horton:

“Christianity doesn’t work merely as a moral philosophy or code of ethics. The simple message that God in Christ has done everything he requires to reconcile sinners to himself is not just the church’s slogan, but its lifeblood. The Bible is not a collection of timeless principles offering a gentle thought-for-the-day. It is a dramatic story that unfolds with Christ at the center. We must transcend our cultural loyalties and step outside of our social comfort zones if we are to realize in concrete terms what it means to find our ultimate location in Christ.”

WTS Books has TGDL for 45 percent off, and Horton’s school (WTS Cal) has it for 33 percent off. You can read a good-sized preview of it by visiting the White Horse Inn page.


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