Information Overload


In the godly, fear and love embrace. Excellent post explaining that even though Reformed circles are quick to condemn CCM music or mainstream evangelicalism as being incomplete or unrealistic, many in Reformed circles act similarly while hiding under the Grace Umbrella:”So we Reformed Pastors do Three-card Monte with our parishioners, using our shibboleths–grace, sovereignty, and providence–to steal from the naive…Everything you need to know is in this trinity: grace, sovereignty, and providence. When you get those three down, you’re Reformed.’ But what about the fear of God? The coming judgment?…So, dear brother pastors and elders, tomorrow when you preach, will there be any hint of the fear of God? Will there be any warning to the assembled believers of the coming judgment God’s chosen sons will meet? Or, is our shepherding, our preaching from glory to glory, bliss to bliss, grace to grace, happiness to happiness, crescendo to crescendo?”

Our church is co-sponsoring a weekend conference about Calvin’s 500th birthday in October: “Calvin for Today.”

Wilson on the importance of singing robustly in worship.


My favorite athlete – perhaps of all time but definitely the favorite of my childhood – David Robinson, was inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame last weekend with two guys you may have heard of: Michael Jordan and John Stockton. You can see The Admiral’s moving acceptance speech here. Always such a class act.

Prince Fielder and his teammates perform one of the greatest homerun celebrations I’ve seen. [ht: LoHud]


World Magazine is offering an 80 percent off student rate. (thanks, Becca)



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