Two Quick Sports Links

Two significant/interesting sports milestones happened in the last week from my corner of the world (or at least from my favorite teams).

First, Derek Jeter tied Lou Gehrig for the most hits all time as a Yankee (2,721). An amazing feat, considering Gehrig was one of the best ever. Also amazing that Lou Gehrig had as few hits as he did, though understandable since he had an injury-shortened career. He was one of the best ever, and to have Jeter pass him is also an astounding feat. One of the Yankee beat writers had a great piece on Gehrig and Jeter. Check it out here.

Second, my graduate alma mater (is that the right description?), Old Dominion University, played their first football game in 69 years last week. ODU football (and their ladies-man coach, Bobby Wilder) has been hyped and hyped again the past couple years in Hampton Roads, and the season is finally here. ODU won their first game in storybook fashion, beating Chowan 36-21 in front of nearly 20,000 fans. Check out the Virginian-Pilot’s coverage here.



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