Sunday Citation

“Many of us who have been raised in the evangelical world of today, awash in a sea of modernity (marketing, pop psychology, touchy-feely sentimentalism, individualism, etc.), find ourselves in a foreign land when the focus is on the attributes of God and the truths of redemptive history. In a talk-show culture, it is much easier to talk about ourselves, so ‘praise songs’ reflect this autobiographical (man-centered) focus on me and my experiences, my resolve, my obedience, my happiness and joy, and so on. As Christopher Lasch pointed out, modern America’s characteristic narcissism (self-worship) displays itself through a highly expressive personality. We want to ‘express ourselves’ in praise songs, whereas in the classic hymns before the mid-19th century believers wanted to understand God and redemption, responding both thoughtfully and emotionally.”

-Michael Horton in Where in the World is the Church? (2002), quoted in my dad’s 8/9/09 sermon on “Parts of Worship: Us to God (Part 3: Offerings of Praise)



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