Information Overload


Professional wrestling in the PCA big top… “The debate between Tim Keller and Lig Duncan at the PCA General Assembly last month was a professional wrestling match with the conflict carefully scripted to produce no pain or danger. The room was packed with 750 commissioners and their wives, but if anyone showed up hoping for the appearance of consciences and convictions, they were disappointed: there was none of this, ‘Here I stand; I can do no other; God help me’ sort of thing.”

Why is rural ministry out? “In All God’s Children and Blue Suede Shoes, Ken Myers made interesting connections between fast food and popular culture, and wondered if believers who were being fed spiritual junk food in the form of contemporary Christian music and P&W worship would turn out in their souls like the bodies of those habituated to eating at McDonalds and snacking on Twinkies?” I’m working on a post in response to this provocative article.

The White Horse Inn has redesigned their website. Looks good.

D.A. Carson on polemical theology: its necessity and dangers.


I just sang this psalter selection for the first time recently, and love it: Listen to Psalm 119X here.


Political Math blog. You may have seen some of the videos before, but I just realized they come from one guy’s blog.



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