Sunday Citation

“As we gather in the presence of the living God on the Lord’s Day, He is pleased to use our right worship of Him as a battering ram to bring down all the citadels of unbelief in our communities. Just as the walls of Jericho fell before the worship and service of God, so unbelievers tremble when Christians gather in their communities to worship the living God rightly. Jesus promised us that the gates of Hades would not prevail against the Church. It is not often noted that the gates of Hades are not an offensive weapon. Hades is being besieged by the Church; it is not the other way around. We need to learn to see that biblical worship of God is a powerful battering ram, and each Lord’s Day we have the privilege of taking another swing. Or, if we prefer, we might still want to continue gathering around with our insipid songs, dopey skits, and inspirational chats in order to pelt the gates of Hades with our wadded up kleenex.”

-Doug Wilson in A Primer on Worship and Reformation (2008), p. 32 [emphasis his]


2 thoughts on “Sunday Citation

  1. Great quote. I love Doug Wilson. It's a different view of worship than what I was first introduced to that I've been excited to embrace. We don't gather on Sunday to simply acquire the inspiration to drag ourselves through another week of Christianity, but to engage in active, productive communion with our God and shout victoriously in song that Yahweh reigns in heaven and on earth. It's the apex of our battle cry.


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