Information Overload


My nephew, Liam, welcomes his dad home from work.


The OPC, through my dad (OPC Diaconal Committee Secretary), has announced the OPC Deacon’s Summit from June 3-5, 2010 at Wheaton College.”The summit will be a time for deacons to learn better how to effectively minister, to give them an avenue to express their needs, to create networks for resources, and for men to be renewed with a vision of the biblical importance of this holy office…There will be time for instruction, as well as for open discussions and opportunities to learn from one another.” It’s free for OPC officers, though non-OPC officers are welcome to attend for a nominal fee.

Kevin DeYoung has some of the best thoughts on Calvin’s 500th that I’ve read: “Calvin’s confidence was in the Word of God, and that’s why his theology and vision of the world continues to capture the minds and hearts of people in the 21st century. That’s why five hundred years later we remember his birth. That’s why Calvin the preacher and expositor has millions more spiritual children than Erasmus the scholar and hermeneutical skeptic. Strive for relevance in your day, and you may make a difference for a few years. Anchor yourself in what is eternal and you may influence the world for another five centuries.” Lots more good stuff there.

Sam Storm’s problems with pre-millennialism. [I’ve never heard of him before, but some good thoughts. ht: jt]


Exploitative Reality Shows Degrade Us, Too. A provocative article that looks at the dangers of following reality TV stars. “The more time we spend observing the shocking, materialistic and egotistical behavior of reality TV stars, the more likely we are to mimic that behavior in our own lives and view the pathological self-centeredness of these ‘Joe Six-Pack’ celebrities as normal.”


Jobs prediction v. Jobs Reality video.

Higher taxes, anyone? A brief op-ed piece that relates to the above video. [ht: challies]


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