Are There Any Songs About Pennsylvania?

There are songs about Virginia, California, Tennessee, Georgia, and even West Virginia. But are there any about Pennsylvania (not including the Steelers’ “Here We Go” chant/song). I can’t think of any, though I wanted one for this post’s title. I don’t usually do updates like this, but I decided to today.

We had a fantastic weekend in western Pennsylvania. We got to be a part of Brittany and Kory ceremoniously leaving, cleaving, and uniting in marriage on Friday. It was a beautiful ceremony and lively reception, followed by us driving the happy couple to their hotel at the Pittsburgh airport. I was also honored to escort Mom Steele and Mama Maclay down the aisle. Elizabeth, the Matron of Honor, looked positively stunning. I wish we had brought our camera battery charger, or else I would be showing you! Hopefully I can score some pictures soon.

We spent the day Saturday recovering from the wedding – all of us felt like we had been run over by a truck – by hanging out with extended family at the Steele homestead. We enjoyed worshiping with the Steeles at their church (Hillcrest PCA) Sunday morning, and ran into Ed DiPanfilo (spelling?), a relocated member from our church in Virginia Beach! Small world.

After lazily but gloriously lounging all afternoon by the pool, we made the trek to Slippery Rock to worship with some close college friends at Grace Anglican Church, part of the newly-formed, conservative, orthodox Anglican Church of North America. This was our first experience with the Anglican church, and we loved the traditional liturgy that boldly speaks of our sin and Christ’s atonement. There’s nothing quite like getting on your knees for corporate confession. We also had the pleasant surprise of sitting under Dr. Gordon’s solid preaching, with the Rector on vacation. Following the service, we went to the North Country Brewing Co. for good food, great drink, and even better conversation (I highly recommend their Mother’s Milk and McLeod’s Ewe brews).

From start to finish, it was a great weekend.


4 thoughts on “Are There Any Songs About Pennsylvania?

  1. Yes, there is a song about Pennsylvania and I believe it is called "Pennsylvania". I'll sing it for you next time I see you. The words go something like this…Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania strong and true.Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania here's my song to you.There is beauty in your mountains, there is peace upon your hills,And where ere I roam my only home is Pennsylvania.

  2. Your other Mom said…there are two songs off the top of my head about cities in PA—Living here in Allentown,by Billy Joel, and Streets of Philadelphia, by the Boss,Bruce Springsteen. Ironically enough,both are Jersey boys.


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