Information Overload


Van Til’s popular-style pamphlet “Why I Believe in God.”

Just recently discovered the Old Life Theological Society website/blog, run by D.G. Hart and John Muether: “ challenges this assumption [that new is better] partly because it seems patently disadvantageous for Reformed Protestants to make it. The Reformed faith may not be as old as Rome or Constantinople, but its most reliable guideposts are – to put it bluntly – old. At the same time, many Reformed Protestants consider themselves conservative, a disposition that is also oriented to the past and conserving as much of it as possible. Old life indicates that the old things are actually valuable and capable of sustaining authentic Christian faith, and that historic Reformed Protestantism specifically embodies a piety as vigorous and alive as any of its rivals.”

Michael Horton was recently interviewed on CBN News (Pat Robertson’s media corporation). I liked when the anchor subtlety defends having “our best life now” and Horton laughs. HT to Kim Riddlebarger.


WORLD Magazine released their list of 2008 Books of the Year. #1? The ESV Study Bible.

Some good tips for disciplined reading.


Railroad Earth, one of my favorite bands, scored a solid feature story in Pollstar recently.



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