What We Won’t Miss About Va Beach

Since many of the things that we will miss about Virginia Beach are obvious (e.g. our friends, proximity to nice beaches, warm winters), I decided to capitalize on my inner grouch by listing some things we won’t miss (though admittedly some of them are things we’ll find no matter where we’ll live).

-Pedestrians who don’t look before crossing and expect you to stop for them (and they are rarely in the crosswalk)
-Really bad drivers (related: an absurdly high rush hour accident rate)
-Mosquitoes and the skeeter sprayer that drives around on weekend nights
-Oppressively hot and humid summers
-The fear of my car being broken into every day at work
-Having to cross large bodies of water anytime we want to travel outside the region
-Having to either wait for long periods of time to traverse said water, or pay a $12 (each way) toll to cross without a wait
-Living in the Navy fighter jet flyover zone (the sound of freedom!)
-The never-ending sea of strip malls and accompanying poorly-planned sprawl

In all seriousness, we’ve loved our few years in Hampton Roads, and it will hold a special place in our hearts as our first home as a married couple.


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