Sunday Citation

“It is upon a field of the dead that the Sun of righteousness has risen, and the shouts that announce His advent fall on deaf ears; yea, even though the morning stars should again sing for joy and the air be palpitant with the echo of the great proclamation, their voice could not penetrate the ears of the dead. As we sweep our eyes over the world lying in its wickedness, it is the valley of the prophet’s vision which we see before us: a valley that is filled with bones, and lo! they are very dry. What benefit is there in proclaiming to dry bones even the greatest of redemptions? How shall we stand and cry, ‘O, ye dry bones, hear ye the word of the Lord!’ In vain the redemption, in vain its proclamation, unless there come a breath from heaven to breathe upon these slain that they may live.”

B.B. Warfield, as quoted in Cornelius Van Til’s Defense of the Faith (1955), p. 103


2 thoughts on “Sunday Citation


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