OPC General Assembly News

Some great news from the OPC General Assembly, regarding the Igreja Presbiteriana do Brasil (Presbyterian Church of Brazil). This is the brief mention of it at the OPC GA update:

“Messrs. Augustus Lopes and Ludgero Morais from Igreja Presbiteriana do Brasil (the Presbyterian Church of Brazil, IPB), who brought warm greetings to the Assembly.”

Here are more details passed along from my dad:

“We just heard the delegates from the Presbyterian Church in Brazil address the Assembly. It was tremendous. This church was headed to liberalism, but in the past 15 years have cut all ties to the UPCUSA and are seeking fraternal relations with us [OPC]. It’s a denomination of about 1 million members and 18 seminaries. The delegate said that the book that greatly influenced them – translated into Portuguese – was Machen’s book, Christianity and Liberalism. He said it’s the standard book they use in their spiritual warfare. They are also reclaiming their Ivy League university and all their grade schools…These addresses are worth the week of work.”

God is good to continue the work of his church to all corners of the earth. Regular updates of the GA are available here.



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