Sunday Citation

“God, as absolute personality, is the ultimate category of interpretation for man in every aspect of his being. Every attribute of God will, in the nature of the case, be reflected primarily in every other attribute of God. There will be mutual and complete exhaustiveness in the relationship of the three persons of the Trinity. Consequently no one of the persons of the Trinity can be said to be correlative in its being to anything that exists beyond the Godhead. If then man is created, it must be that he is absolutely dependent upon his relationship to God for the meaning of his existence in its every aspect. If this is true, it means that the good is good for man because it has been set as good for man by God. This is usually expressed by saying that the good is good because God says it is good. As such it is contrasted with non-Christian thought which says that the good exists in its own right and that God strives for that which is good in itself. We do not artificially separate the will of God from the nature of God. It is the nature as well as the will of God that is ultimately good. Yet since this nature of God is personal, there is no sense in which we can say that the good exists in its own right.”

-Cornelius Van Til in The Defense of the Faith (1955), p. 75



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