Information Overload


More on the PCA deaconess issue, with a robust comments section.

Carl Trueman strikes again, writing an outstanding piece touching on worship, orthodoxy, conformity, Kenny G, and more: “You can tell a lot about someone’s theology from what they do in church. Involve Kenny G’s music in your worship service, and I can tell not only that you have no taste in music but also that you have nothing to offer theologically to those who come through the church doors.”

How can I tell the difference between the convicting ministry of the Holy Spirit and the accusing attacks of Satan?


Doug Wilson on God’s sovereignty and the state. “One of the central reasons why it is so important to insist on the absolute sovereignty of the triune God of Scripture (and for those just joining us, that would be the true God) is because if we dial that sovereignty back (not in reality, but in our fevered dreams) something bad always happens to us.”


How do you beat a guy who throws righty and lefty? Yes, the Yankees have an ambidextrous pitcher in their farm system.


World’s best visual illusions chosen. The winning entry may help explain why curve balls in baseball are so tricky to hit. [ht: help my unbelief]

Not sure why I find this so interesting, but I do. What products are selling well in the recession (includes cheap wine, guns, vegetable seeds, and Hershey bars)


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