Me Posing as a Photographer

Two weekends ago I went out with Jimmey and Ryan – two semi-amateur but uber-skilled photographers – with the purpose of learning some tricks of the trade (like correctly exposing shots, setting the aperture, playing with shutter speets, white balance, etc.). So we went out to the Va Beach oceanfront around 8:30 p.m. with our digital SLRs (mine borrowed from work) and ran amuck. We tried from a rooftop parking lot, next to the King Neptune statue, and from the north end of the beach facing back to the strip.

Besides learning some of the techniques and functions of a camera, I gained a much greater appreciation for photographers and their work. It’s very hard to take quality shots, and I have a long, long way to go. I also have a greater appreciation for the digital processing of photos. The digital darkroom that is Photoshop is intimidating and vast, but very rewarding.

After a few hours of shooting, I really only got a couple shots that I’m somewhat happy with. It’s next to impossible to capture what I see with my eye with a piece of technology – the eye is a truly amazing wonder with a masterful Creator. I liken photography to golf in that it is endlessly frustrating to have several dud shots in a row, with a money shot mixed in once in a while. But that lure of getting the good shot keeps me thirsting for more.

Instead of posting the pictures here and making this post even longer, I uploaded them to my Flickr stream, which you can easily browse here. Photos and descriptions are there, too.



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