Information Overload

Maybe I should start doing this more than once a month…Lots of good stuff to pass on.


John Muether on the Sabbath in the OPC’s New Horizons: “…are we fully embracing the Sabbath as it is designed to be? Or will the experience of the Protestant mainline repeat itself? America can now be fairly said to be “the land beyond the Sabbath,” and in our age of Sabbath indifference there is no reason to take our Sabbath identity for granted.”

The Bayly brothers have been writing profusely on the PCA’s recent deaconess controversy. For example, they write about how Tim Keller’s church holds to the statement that a woman can do anything an unordained man can do. But they also don’t ordain men as deacons.

Doug Wilson has started a series on music and worship.

Rob Bell on the “gospel.”


Facebook: where narcissists connect. Excuse my while I go maintain my web presence.

The Big Picture recently had a great series on Human Landscapes from Above.

Can we please stop talking about swine flu? [ht: Challies]

Related to the above Rob Bell link, how would you present the gospel on Twitter?


My sister, Amy, just recently closed out her softball career at Geneva. She finished with several team records (including career homeruns and season batting average), was named the region’s player of the year two years in a row, led the team in more than 10 categories this season, and at the season-ending awards ceremony, her coach described her as “the best athlete Geneva has ever had, or ever will have.”

You’ve heard of the Jason Giambi shift, but what about the Jason Varitek shift?


Kevin S. recently told my brother and I about Todd Schaefer’s sweet band before fronting Railroad Earth: From Good Homes.


To Every Man a Manswer: Home of questions and manswers with Dr. Awesome.



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