End of Semester

Wow, is it May already? Hard to believe that big-picture time is going by so fast while the small-picture time (each day) seems to go by slowly. Thank you, Lord, for getting us through this semester – definitely the most difficult and challenging we’ve been through yet, as evidenced by our dining room:

Only one more summer “semester” (one six-week class for me, two five-week classes for Elizabeth) left! With our work and life responsibilities this semester, it was a challenge to find quality time for each other, non-school study, friends, golf, and many other things (in no particular order of course). We had a date night on Friday night to catch up and celebrate the end of the semester, though, which was great!

I’ll officially graduate after my summer class, which is crazy to think about – two and a half years at two schools for a piece of paper. I’ve learned a lot and have grown immensely from my time at NSU and ODU. What’s the next step? I applied to Clarion’s online M.S. in Library Science program and just heard on Friday that I have been accepted! I will start that program in January 2010, with the final goal to land a position as an academic librarian about two (or so) years later. Until January at least, we will have evenings and weekends free, which means we can finally subscribe to Netflix! Woohoo!

I have tried to keep up blogging during the spring semester as best I could, and am not sure about how things will go during the summer semester yet. Some topics that I would have liked to write about this past semester as Elizabeth and I thought through some difficult issues included paedocommunion (we’re still uncomfortable with practicing it), eschatology (if we had to choose a label, we’re optimistic amillennials – close to historic postmillennialism), infant baptism (yes!), biblical models of worship (still trying to wrap our heads around it), the importance of church membership and involvement (duh), union with Christ (awesome), etc. Maybe this summer or fall…

Thanks to all who kept us in your prayers this semester!


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