Become a Better…Yankee Stadium?

It could be a sign of the economic times, a sign of the Yankees’ demise, or something else altogether.

Joel Osteen, author of best selling books Become a Better You and Your Best Life Now and “pastor” of the largest church in America, has done something that the most popular sports franchise in the world has failed to do….

…sell out new Yankee Stadium.

Osteen brought his “Night of Hope” to Yankee Stadium on April 25, while the Yankees were busy losing to the team from the north. Maybe the Yankees need to read Osteen’s Become a Better You to try to stop their terrible start to the season. Or maybe their current slide is because of the curse of the Osteens? You’ve heard of the curse of the Bambino…

Only three days after Osteen’s Yankee Stadium visit (and almost a year after the Pope came to old Yankee Stadium), the Yankees announced lower ticket pricing for their most expensive seats.

[picture courtesy flickr’s NYCIrishDude2180]


One thought on “Become a Better…Yankee Stadium?

  1. I have trouble taking Joel Osteen seriously because of his glossy man-perm. He would be so much more relevant if he had a faux-hawk like Louie Giglio. That is probably the biggest beef I have with him.


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