Monergism’s Book Reader’s Guide to the Christian Life

Monergism Books recently distributed their “Book Reader’s Guide to the Christian Life” in PDF form, which is pretty cool. If you print it out, it makes a decent little tri-fold. Here’s the paragraph in the email introducing it:

Please help us spread the word about Monergism Books by printing these two-sided guides and and then distributing them to friends and/or by placing them on your church book table. This is a guide of titles we think everyone should read and are ranked by level and genre. Since the space is limited on the paper don’t be surprised if one of your favorite books is not on the list. This guide simply gives direction as well as helps encourage people to get started in some good reading.

Like they say, there are books left out, and I’m sure those of you who are well-learned or seminary trained would take issue with some books, but I think it’s helpful. Several of the books I’ve never heard of, and I haven’t read several others. Piper’s Desiring God in the “advanced” section made me raise my eyebrows, and I’d like to see the “classics” section beefed up especially compared to the “Intermediate” list, but overall I think it’s a good list. Check it out!


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