New Yankee Stadium

My brother sent me this link to three panoramic views of the new Yankee Stadium. I’m passing it on to celebrate opening day. It looks like a very impressive stadium with lots of similarity to the old stadium but…nicer. The downside is that seats are very, very expensive. But I still can’t wait to see games there! Check out the new Yankee Stadium here. And for a video tour, go here.


4 thoughts on “New Yankee Stadium

  1. There’s just nothing like opening day, with the prospect of the entire season ahead of us. And an opening day victory is even better when you’re rooting for a marginal team. It’s one of the few times I can be really excited for them! Go Bucs!

  2. A lot of the Yankee bloggers hate the New Stadium… well, hate is too strong, they are marginally unimpressed… Many of them like citi-field better!;-)And oh – nice start by the 160 million dollar man…;-)

  3. What Yankees bloggers are you talking about? I’ve heard nothing but (mostly) good things from the Yankees bloggers I “follow.” They say it’s not perfect, but at least we don’t have a ridiculous Jackie Robinson Rotunda with a terrible quote, or at least it’s not named after an Obama-run financial company.Hi-oh!


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