Information Overload

I guess this has turned into almost a monthly thing, so hopefully they aren’t outdated already. Organized for your browsing pleasure.


John Muether and D.G. Hart co-edit the quarterly Nicotine Theological Journal, which you can pick up for $10 a year. It has a nearly non-existent web presence, but according to WorldCat, it is a “semi-serious and semi-regular publication dedicated to a full and feisty exploration of the riches of Old School Presbyterian culture.” I’m not a subscriber, but I hope to be soon.

Baker Books publishers just announced that Michael Horton’s forthcoming sequel to Christless Christianity (due out October 2009) is titled The Gospel-Driven Life: Being Good News People in a Bad News World. I like it already.


As a nice followup to my Lenten post, JT linked to a Peter Leithart post on fasting and feasting.

These top 10 worship planning ideas from John Calvin are good stuff. Some of them seem like common sense, but they are great reminders to keep the most important things actually most important. [ht: Challies]

Cornelis Venema’s new book Children at the Lord’s Table is sure to spark some controversy in the paedocommunion debate. Doug Wilson (a PCer) and Lane Keister (aka Green Baggins) have started a blog debate on paedocommunion framed by the book, and are several posts into it already. Grab the popcorn and settle in for what promises to be a good one!


For you Mac users, there is now an ESV Study Bible widget for your dashboards.


A friend passed this song on to me. It’s called “Hide and Seek” by Imogen Heap (formerly associated with Frou Frou). The song is impossible to describe as it hit me in a way which words can’t do justice. Elizabeth nailed it when she said that it is beautiful because it almost seems other worldly – part organic, part electronic…Warning: the song’s intensity might haunt you, as it frequently does me in the wee morning hours. Or, you might hate it.

Check out some great Calvinist paraphenlia for your purchasing pleasure. My favourites: “Pelagius was wrong” and “I was predestined to wear this t-shirt”.


3 thoughts on “Information Overload

  1. I like “I was predestined to wear this T-shirt” too. I really like Scott’s choice šŸ™‚ It’s just funny. I also wanted to say that I am asking for Horton’s new book for my birthday!!! I think it will help lift the fog…not postmillenialism…Joel.


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