RC Protests

Roman Catholics have been making headlines lately, with two different public outcries in one week!

First, thousands of Roman Catholics have signed a petition(s) protesting pro-abortion President Obama’s May 17 commencement engagement at Notre Dame University. A Fox News story from Monday says that 65,000 have signed an online petition, but I also read that it is over 100,000 now. No matter how large the outcry is from pro-life Catholics, we all know that the president will speak at commencement. No one, not even Notre Dame, has the guts to cancel on the President of the United States of America, no matter how many cyber-signatures you have.

Second Roman Catholics are up in arms because of the Detroit Tigers. Yes, you read that correctly. The Tigers play their home opener on Friday, April 10, which is Good Friday. But unlike the rest of the major league games being played on Good Friday, the Tigers’ home opener (1:05 p.m. start time), is the only one being played during the holy hours from 12-3 p.m. Catholic Tigers fans are not the least bit happy. I found an interesting piece at the Archdioces of Detroit page responding to this, highlighting a Catholic fan who will be missing his first home opener in 20 years. The story is also making its rounds on ESPN, etc. As if Detroit people didn’t have enough to complain about, the MLB has the nerve to up and do this.

As the adage goes, any press is good press, right?


One thought on “RC Protests

  1. I’m from Detroit. I went to a home opener with my dad and it’s one of my favorite childhood memories. Another childhood memory: Good Friday services all afternoon long in the Lutheran church. I learned to love Good Friday truths and hymns through that.Now, kids in Detroit can do one or the other. And that’s too bad.


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