Resurgence of Calvinism?

Many of you may have seen the recent hubbub about the “New Calvinists.” Time magazine recently listed “New Calvinism” as the third of ten “Ideas Changing the World Right Now.” Mark Driscoll jumped on the train and posted four brief ways New Calvinism is so powerful. I found his list to be pretty narrow, reductionistic, and historically inaccurate. Responses have been flying all over the Internets, so it’s not my intent to write another response (especially when my friend Greg posted his thoughts already, and I hijacked the comments).

Instead, here’s a link to a 1947 Time article heralding the comeback of Calvinism. I got this from Kim Riddlebarger, who appropriately asks the obvious question, “Could it be that Calvinism will always be around?”

Popular Protestant movements have waxed and waned – from the liberalism in the early to mid 1900s to the megachurch movement, emergent movement, or the “missional” movement of today. But the conservative Reformed traditions show remarkably steady, consistent growth. This growth won’t break any records and isn’t flashy enough to make headlines, but it faithfully “plods” along (to steal my dad’s phrase), extending God’s kingdom by God’s gracious timing. I think I prefer it that way.


3 thoughts on “Resurgence of Calvinism?

  1. Calvinism’s continuous, albeit modest, growth is so encouraging! Methinks there is a reason. It reminds me of God’s promise to always preserve a faithful remnant…truth will win out over trends not through huge numbers or headlines, but through the steady gathering of souls and onward movement toward the Kingdom.

  2. Joel, thanks for the links. I found that the comments at “In Light of the Gospel” (which you linked to elsewhere) were very helpful: My original take was that I’m a “three and a half point” Driscollite. I thought point 3 was the least fair. But the “In Light of the Gospel” guy made me think about the fairness of other points as well.Driscoll’s often been open to correction from older Calvinists in the Lord. I trust he will in this case as well!


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