Pearce Bracket Challenge Round 1 Update

I thought it was a pretty boring first round until last night, when a flurry of upsets happened. Kudos to Kyle Scarbro and Rebekah “Nike” Wallin for being the only people to pick Cleveland State over Wake Forest.

The leaders after round one are:

1. (tie) Chris Harrington, Kyle Scarbro (32)
3. (tie): Angela Harrington, Natali Monnette (31)
5. (tie): Matt Harrington, Bryson/Sarah Hoobler, Lauren Salinas (30)

Nice work y’all. By the way, there was a possibility of 42 points in the first round, so 32 isn’t bad.

Nobody has all 16 Sweet 16 teams left. Only Mark Sandvig, Becky (Mom) Steele, David (Dad) Steele, and Nike Wallin have 15 out of 16 remaining.

Bringing up the rear is Jess Monnette, Natali’s husband. Way to sacrifice your bracket for the enjoyment of your wife, Jess. Matt “Scooter” Keisling, who is arguably the most consistent “player” year in and year out, is close ahead of Jess with a mere 22, a Final Four team out, and his entire Midwest region eliminated from future play. Last year’s defending champion, Katie Gustafson, also has only 22.

Several people lost some Final Four teams, including past champion Josiah Tindor, Nike’s husband Jason, Brittany Steele, and Kory Kaye. Brittany and Kory, engaged to each other, are the only ones with their champions eliminated (Tennessee and Ohio State, respectively). Seems like they have other things on their mind.

And finally, in perhaps the biggest upset of the first round, Small Pressure Balloon upset Mars Rovers in the first round of NASA’s Mission Madness. What is this country coming to?



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