Pearce Bracket Challenge Preliminary Update

Here’s the email I sent out with the first update:

Thanks for entering the annual Pearce Bracket Challenge (PBC)! I received a lot of good response this year, with an even 40 brackets in on the action. Not too many have complained about not being able to illegally gamble, so thanks for not giving me (too much) grief.

I’ve attached the preliminary listing – I will update the scores after today’s games. As you can see, we have people from 14 states represented, which is pretty cool. From checking out the brackets, both of the Salinases in Texas are in great shape, as is the team of Jimmey LeBlanc (Virginia Beach) and his fiance, Jazmine King. Things could change today, though.

Louisville and Pitt are the overwhelming picks to win it all in the PBC – with eight each. Memphis is next with six, and UNC at five. Nine other teams have between one and three people picking them to win it all. The most popular Final Four teams are Louisville, Memphis, Pitt, and UNC. Some even have an all-Big East Final Four, which would be crazy (Louisville, UCONN, Pitt/Villanova, Syracuse).

The highlight of the first day was definitely Michigan winning in its first tournament in over 10 years – I put those of you who picked against them on my black list.

Your (b)racketeer,
Joel // Pearce

PS. Please feel free to forward to your spouse/significant other if I didn’t have their email address – i.e. Bethany, Nike, Katie, Erica, Jazmine, Angela.

PPS. As a shameless plug for a friend in the PBC (Blair Allen), check out NASA’s “Mission Madness” at Vote for your favourite missions during each round. First round voting ends tonight at midnight. There is a good amount of drama there, with some potential Cinderella picks – but don’t forget that the Apollo 11 mission is overrated since some would argue that we never really landed on the moon.

PPS. Please do not hit “reply to all” to this email. Instead, if you want to trash talk, visit the related posting on my blog, and have it out in the comments section.


3 thoughts on “Pearce Bracket Challenge Preliminary Update

  1. Pearce,In an earlier email you stated that Scooter was arguably the most consistent competitor in the PBC. I challenge that. I’d like to see the history 🙂


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