The Special Secret Sauce

My friend Ryan is the art director at the local outdoor advertising firm (billboards), as well as a budding photographer. By budding I mean really, really good. Every once in a while, he creates a pseudo-ad campaign to post around his office for entertainment, for creative exercise and to “keep him from going crazy.”

It’s entirely refreshing to not have to get approval from anyone or have to implement someone’s crappy suggestions,” he says of his office designs.

Enter his latest campaign, The Special Secret Sauce, which was birthed from a need to post new artwork around the office.

“The special secret sauce is just a way to parallel outdoor advertising’s role in a client’s media mix,” he explains. “I have other undeveloped concepts in the sketchbook for this campaign that include a toddler and chocolate sauce.”

Ryan needed “models” for his Sauce campaign, and given that I have unique facial expressions, he wanted my help. I agreed, knowing I would at least enjoy helping a friend out. Besides, I got to shoot darts in between takes.

So I went over to his freezing cold combination garage/studio and made my male modeling debut, co-starring Mustard (the condiment, not the Colonel). My Facebook and Gmail profile picture is one of the preliminary test shots from the shoot, in case you were wondering:

Ryan has finished designing my part of the campaign, and the poster thumbnails are below for your viewing pleasure (click to enlarge). Warning: viewing these will possibly make you lose your taste for mustard. I know I did after the shoot.


6 thoughts on “The Special Secret Sauce

  1. ridiculously good looking. i’m all about licking delicious sauces off my clothing but that secret sauce looks way too much like mustard and it kind of makes me sick to think about.

  2. I wouldn’t buy that line about “pseudo-ad campaigns to keep him from going crazy.” I’d expect to see those pictures on billboards any day now. Depending on which one he chooses, that could make you famous…or infamous.


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