You Complete Mii

In February, we decided to celebrate our birthdays early by splurging on a Wii. Our birthdays are April 12 and May 4.

The console came with Wii Sports, which includes baseball, bowling, boxing, golf, and tennis. Our favourites are bowling and tennis – Elizabeth has never lost in bowling, and I’ve never lost in tennis (probably thanks to playing hours upon hours of Top Spin in college). We also picked up Super Mario Galaxy, the latest installment in the Super Mario series, and it hasn’t disappointed. It will be a while before we buy anymore games (for about $50 a pop new, yikes), but on our short list includes Wii Fit, Guitar Hero, Mario Kart, and Madden ’09.

Wii includes many other fun features besides just video games, including wireless Internet capability, the ability to connect with other Wiis to play over the Internet (like family and friends!), weather and news feeds, Internet browsing (if we paid $5 for a browser), and it even has the capability of downloading old Nintendo games like Super Mario 3 or Super Nintendo Mario Kart directly to the Wii (for a small fee)!

We spent a few hours the first day making Wii characters, called “Mii“s, for every member of our immediate families. The men are the easiest (and funniest) to make, with my dad and brother’s Miis being spitting images of their non-virtual selves. We also made ridiculous alter-egos for ourselves, which are admittedly both creepy and funny.

Here are some recent pictures of us enjoying Wii. I wish closeup pictures of the TV came out, or else I would show our family Miis.


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