More Respect for the Buckeyes?

Well, maybe not more respect for Ohio State, but I have gained more respect for former OSU linebacker James Laurinaitis after reading his explanation for returning for his senior year (from CBS Sportsline):

“I think I owed it to Ohio State. They gave me a chance. I was only recruited by two colleges out of high school – Ohio State and Minnesota – and I think when a team offers you a scholarship and a free chance to go to school and get an education and play football at a place like [Ohio State]…I felt that I owed them that fourth year.

“I was going to stick to that commitment. I told coach Tressel I’m going to come here for four or five years, whatever it is, whether I redshirt or not. And when I told him I was coming back, I said, ‘I told you I was coming here for at least four years, so I want to honor that.’ Free scholarship is something I think too many guys take for granted.”

Finally, a blue-chip football player who publicly appreciates the value of receiving a free higher education.

PS. Can someone please explain why it is “THE” Ohio State University? Really? You have to distinguish yourself from all the other Ohio States out there?


2 thoughts on “More Respect for the Buckeyes?

  1. When I read this post, I put White-Out over every “Ohio State” reference, and wrote “Michigan” in it’s place.It made me feel a lot better, but now I have White-Out and Sharpie on my monitor screen. And, unfortunately I am at work.


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