For the Record

I wasn’t impressed with Alex Rodriguez’s press conference on Tuesday. He showed emotion, gave more detail about the situation, but he didn’t seem very sincere, and left more questions unanswered than answered. You can read the transcript of his statement here. Check out some pictures here. I love the one on the bottom, with Mo, Pettite, Jeter, and Jorge in the front row. He mainly dodged the questions after reading his statement. Here are some thoughts I’ve had in the aftermath:

-Whoever Alex hired as his PR advisor(s) made out. They weren’t worth whatever he was paying them. What a joke.
-Who is the cousin? My feeling is that it could be a fellow player and close friend while Alex was on the Rangers, and not a family member. Comments like “we went around the team doctors and trainers” hinted that the “cousin” was a fellow player. Nobody seems to be picking up on this, though.
-He kept using the phrase “young and stupid.” I’ll grant him the stupid, but young? He was in the 25-28 range when he was “young and stupid,” which puts me in that age range (almost, since I’m 24 now). I don’t use my “youth” as an excuse for sinning.
-I liked Derek Jeter’s thoughts on the matter. To the point, blunt, yet supportive.
-There are lots of holes in A-rod’s story. Was he telling the truth in the big picture? Or will more facts come out later, like in SI reporter Selena Roberts’ upcoming book, to be released in April?
-I liked seeing nearly the entire Yankees roster there supporting A-rod (or giving him dirty looks).
-However, I haven’t been impressed with Brian Cashman’s handling of the situation. He must have ice running through his veins.
-I’m just ready for the circus to be over, and baseball to start!


2 thoughts on “For the Record

  1. Don’t hold your breath waiting for the circus to end. It will be season long in Yankeetown. It could be good for the club, as it will probably take all the pressure off the rest of the team – or it could be a huge distraction, as A-Rod has been since he got there.But we love it across town… we love it. The Yanks can have all the negative media attention… we’ll be happy over here playing baseball.

  2. Michael Kay (whose radio show I am actually starting to enjoy) had a good point: Why did he reportedly take it twice a month for three years if he didn’t know if it was working? Kay cited Einstien’s quote about the definition of insanity–doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.


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