Information Overload

Entertaining, provocative, edifying, disturbing. Here are some links I’ve enjoyed on the web lately. As a new feature, I’ve organized them into categories for faster browsing.

Church life:

A startling 47 percent of professing evangelicals said they believe “many religions can lead to eternal life.” Yikes. And 72 percent of them cited at least one other non-Christian religion (to control for those who thought other Christian denominations were another religion).

Convicting post about representing Christ even when the world doesn’t like it: “We so much want the world to like us that we end up distancing ourselves from the historic Christian faith, from biblical doctrine (including hell), and from churches (because they’re all hypocrites except us). We end up making ourselves indistinguishable from the world, and therefore have nothing to offer the world.” [ht: Challies]

A great, short article on “Incarnational Preaching.” Read it, even if you don’t know what that means (like me). [ht: Challies]

Interesting post/essay about the benefits of catechetical preaching. In the intro, the author quotes B.B. Warfield: “Two things keep the small Christian Reformed Church [denomination] straight in the midst of a crooked ecclesiastical world, its Catechism preaching and its catechetical instruction of its youth.” Now to find a similar essay about the benefits of catechizing children. [ht: Colin Adams]


Ligonier lists 10 significant works published in 2008.

JT links to a great piece – How to Read a Book: The Rules for Analytical Reading.

Kevin DeYoung, coauthor of Why We’re Not Emergent has just started a blog. Looks like good stuff, especially this video commercial and his related commentary.


WSJ opinion piece about President Obama’s policy similarities to FDR’s New Deal.

Interesting perspective on the possibility that country’s overall bitterness toward President Bush had to do with his success in Iraq.

More details about why Disney ditched the rest of the Naria films. And, an article about the implications of it being picked-up by Fox 2000.


Prove that your favorite college football team was, in fact, the best in 2008. I’ve already validated that Michigan is the best. Or, see how they are better than their rival (yes, Michigan is proven to be better than Ohio State in 2008).

Find out how long it takes Alex Rodriguez (or other professional baseball players) to earn your wages.


Interesting piece on the art of the facebook status update.


3 thoughts on “Information Overload

  1. I’m not sure which is worse for christians, that 47% of evangelicals believe in multiple paths to salvation or that 12% of evangelicals dont know what other religions are. Hilarious.

  2. Regarding the benefits of catechizing children: Donald Van Dyken wrote a short, read-it-in-one-sitting-length book called Rediscovering Catechism : the art of equipping covenant children that you might appreciate. I’m sure to return to it once Ethan is of age…


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