The Internets Keep Getting More Advanced

As if Google Reader wasn’t cool enough, I just discovered some more Internets technology (thanks to JT’s blog). If you use version three of Firefox to do your web browsing (and if you’re not, you should), apparently you can add different capabilities to your search bar (top right). First, JT describes how to put the English Standard Version of the Bible as a search bar. This is great for me, because when I search the Bible online I usually have to go to Bible Gateway, select the ESV translation, and then search. But this eliminates some of those steps. Genius! Go to JT’s post to read how to do it (it’s really easy).

Also, he links to another search bar that is similarly enticing: the Westminster Bookstore search bar! You can find out how to do it here.

With Firefox 3, you don’t really need that search bar to search Google – you can just type right in the smart address bar. If you have multiple search bar capabilities, remember to select the right one you want to use! Searching the WTS Bookstore for Romans 12:2 won’t take you to the verse.

Ah, the wonders of technology.


3 thoughts on “The Internets Keep Getting More Advanced

  1. Nice! Thanks for stopping by and passing that info on, definitely looks like great stuff to check out.On a similar side note, I just activated our online ESV Study Bible materials, and am blown away again by technology – mouse over cross references, a space to type in our own notes, related articles, and ability to listen to it all in one place! So excited to start using it.


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