Len’s Blessing

Over Christmas break, Elizabeth and I spent a night with the Richards in Williamsport. While there, Len gave me a hand-written copy of the blessing he read at our wedding two and a half years ago. I thought I’d type it out and share it on the Internets for posterity’s sake. This blessing and my Dad’s prayer are some of our favorite memories of our wedding day. Now I just need to watch our wedding DVD and transcribe my dad’s prayer.

For Joel and Liz,

As each day unfolds, the Lord calls us to approach that day as one filled with wonder, amazement, and opportunity. A gift from God to be used to bring Him honor and glory. We are called to fill each day with all the love that lives within us, with goodness, with charity, with kindness, with generosity. May your life together take shape day by day. May these vows of marriage in the name of Jesus Christ be the cornerstone on which your life is built. May the visions you both hold dearest be those that come to pass. May the lives you touch and the friendships you make be those that endure.

As your hearts are full of love, may the world always be filled with the beauty that He gives to us. May you always realize how precious the gift is that God has given to you both – the heart of the one you love. May He bless you with many merry days. May everything you do in life reflect that special glow of the Holy Spirit who dwells within.

May contentment always latch your door. May the Lord make your relationships a great and holy adventure together. May you surrender to the King – your conflicts and your burdens. May you always be guided in the ways of holiness. May your relationship together be as a burst of light; a fount of love and wisdom for you both, for your family, for your community, for our world. May you always remember that in each other you have the most beautiful woman, the most beautiful man. Yes, even the strongest one in whose loving arms you are repaired and made whole all over again. May you remain forever young in your marriage. May you grow each day in wisdom and in your desire to serve one another as you both serve the King of Kings – our Lord, our Savior, our God, Jesus Christ.

In His name we pray, Amen.



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