Information Overload

Our church recently had their website redesigned by our good friend, Jimmey. See if you can find the picture of Elizabeth and me. Also, the photo on the “Gospel” page was taken by Jimmey at our house a couple weeks ago. If you’re looking for a solid web designer or photographer, you can contact Jimmey at his portfolio site.

Christmas and the Supper. Good, short thoughts on the interrelatedness of the Lord’s Supper and Christmas.

Thinking about reading through the Institutes? I was hoping to start in January, and was delighted to find the folks over at Reformation21 are doing just that, posting short summaries every day. They have a “Why read through the Institutes in 2009?” post up now, as well as some refutations on common misconceptions about Calvin (mostly from people who have never actually read him). Guys who will be blogging the Institutes include Justin Taylor, Ligon Duncan, Carl Trueman, Thabiti Anyabqile, Phil Ryken, Sinclair Ferguson, and others. You can pick up a copy of the Institutes at the WTS Bookstore for 35 percent off. More info on JT’s blog, too.

Speaking of WTS, they have a set of R.C. Sproul’s children’s books on sale for 45 percent off. I haven’t read any of them, but I’ve heard nothing but good things, and they definitely fill a glaring need in the solid Christian children’s books field. I’d like to get them for our kids someday.

The always enjoyable Big Picture blog has been releasing their “2008 in Photographs” series, with some absolutely stunning photography. I’m finding that I really love photo journalism. Part I here, Part II here, Part III here.

D.A. Carson has some interesting thoughts on technology. The link is to JT’s blog, but the full text is here. “Scarcely less important than speed of access is the Internet’s sheer intoxicating addictiveness–or, more broadly, we might be better to think of the intoxicating addictiveness of the entire digital world. Many are those who are never quiet, alone, and reflective, who never read material that demands reflection and imagination.”

Two posts on elders in the church: one on the need for men of doctrinal integrity, and one on the need for men of personal integrity.

Church Works Media: A new site for music in corporate worship. It’s still growing, but it seems like a good, growing resource. [ht: reformation21]


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