Thursday Was an Eventful Day

That might be the understatement of the week. I usually don’t do these “status updates,” but I feel compelled to because of the nature of Thursday.

First, our heat has been on the fritz all fall (good thing we live in balmy Virginia Beach), and our gracious friends/landlords decided to replace the attic and outdoor units. So the courteous and jolly heating guys were in our house all day. Add to this our humble friend Jimmey raking our leaves, me at work in the morning, and Elizabeth taking a final around 2 p.m., and you can see what a whirlwind our house was.

Thursday was also the day of reckoning for my back/hip/knee (heretofore known as “nerve”) problems, as I was scheduled to go to Virginia Beach General Hospital to get a cortisone injection in the early afternoon. I was nauseatingly nervous for the shot; enough to think about requesting Valium. My nausea turned out to be all for naught, though. I also forgot my picture I.D., which made me more worried.

The numbing injection was the only time I felt any uncomfort, and the procedure was over in a few moments. There was a cool machine that I can only describe as a live x-ray machine with a computer monitor for the doctor to see where in my back to inject the steroid cocktail – totally sweet. The worst part was sitting up after it was over and my stomach getting woozy, my head dizzy, my face blanched, and my entire body clammy with sweat. Kind of like the feeling after I got my ear pierced a few years ago – though I apparently turned green then. I’m such a lightweight. So far so good on the shot, though – I was told to rest in bed all day afterward; orders I have taken very seriously. We’ll see how my reaction is going forward.

To add to the Thursday adventure was an alert from our credit card company that there was possible fraudulent activity on one of our cards. Apparently some schmo tried to buy $1,495 worth of stuff at an Eastern Mountain Sports store in Vermont. I’m not sure how he tried to do it, considering the card he tried to use was still in our possession. But still.

Speaking of hospitals, why do people continue to wear the hospital bracelet for days after their time there? Is it so people can continue to verify their identity, like the charming elderly nurse did to me four times? And no, I haven’t taken mine off yet, though that’s mainly so that people at work don’t think I played hooky.

Random thought: I’m very impressed with C.S. Lewis’ space trilogy so far. I’m working on the second book now and especially enjoyed the first installment, Out of the Silent Planet. Lewis mixes subtle but rich religious/moral metaphors with an enjoyable mastery of the English language, intimations of mythology, commentary on human nature, all in a non-dorky science fiction context.

What struck me as I was reading OotSP was how engaged my mind had to be. I haven’t read science fiction in a long time, and the combination of new, foreign worlds with different interpretations of natural laws (like gravity and color) and different languages has been more difficult than I was expecting. Maybe it’s because as an adult, I’ve lost the childish imagination of my youth, unable to easily grasp completely new worlds. Maybe I would have an easier time as an adult if I had read the books when I was young and impressionable. Either way, Elizabeth and I both highly recommend the trilogy, which you can pick up here.


3 thoughts on “Thursday Was an Eventful Day

  1. Space Trilogy is AWESOME.Perelandra is the best IMO.. because of the unique perspective on the fall of humanity and what that may have looked like. The third book (the longest by far) was difficult to hang in there with because it felt somewhat disconnected from the rest of the story. But there are some absolute gems in there. Look for the description of the salvation of one of the characters. Incredible. I’ll be interested in your overall thoughts when you are done. Hope I haven’t spoiled anything…

  2. Most unexpected ending to a post award 2008.And… are you aware that it’s not really politically correct to refer to someone as “some schmo”? Unless it’s in a positive sense, such as, “Wow, CS Lewis is some schmo, don’t you think?”


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