End of Semester

As you may have noticed from my recent increased blog activity, my semester is over. God in His Providence sustained me through probably my toughest semester to date, and I’m glad it’s over. Thanks for your prayers. I was able to get by with good grades, which is an added bonus. You know when you receive too much change at the grocery store, feel bad, and go back in to let them know? That’s kind of how I felt when I got an A on a paper that I thought was B or B- material at best. I just didn’t go back to return the change.

In addition to the spike in posts, I have been able to spend some more time with my wife, watch a couple movies without feeling guilty about neglecting schoolwork (including the 3+ hour Godfather Part II, an incredible film), catch up on reading, and we even babysat a darling little girl on Friday night. With the long break I have coming up (my Spring semester doesn’t start until January 14), we are looking forward to a relaxing, refreshing time off from school. I also have some time off work, so we’re taking advantage of that by visiting family and friends in New Jersey.

I am anticipating this break to be one of the most prolific times of my brief blogging career (in quantity, not necessarily quality), and also hope to make some headway in my personal reading, including this tentative list:

Christless Christianity – Michael Horton
Perelandra & That Hideous Strength – C.S. Lewis (last two of the Space Trilogy)
Vintage Jesus – Mark Driscoll
50 Reasons Jesus Came to Die – John Piper; or The Holiness of God – R.C. Sproul
Amusing Ourselves to Death – Neil Postman; or Confederacy of Dunces – John Toole
Institutes of the Christian Religion – John Calvin (starting it)
Others I get for Christmas or with the B&N gift card burning a hole in my pocket

Lastly, Elizabeth and I are hoping to take an unofficial media/Internet “fast” while we’re in New Jersey. But thanks to the wonders of Blogger, I will hopefully have a couple posts written and scheduled for that time. I’ll probably also break the fast by posting about how sweet the fast was. That’s all for now.



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