Book Plug: WTS Books

Some reasons why I love

  • Prices are almost always cheaper than Amazon.
  • Shipping speed is unreal: I placed an average-size order on Monday, December 8, 10:30 a.m. and received the order Tuesday afternoon (using their standard UPS shipping).
  • Wide selection is surprising at times. Some recent titles I’ve purchased include For the Love of God, God of Promise, and Indelible Grace’s Wake Thy Slumbering Children album. They even have C.S. Lewis’ fiction space trilogy.
  • Rotating features/specials are intriguing and helpful, including one of this week’s, which I can use as a “family” plug: Daniel Doriani’s two-volume Matthew commentary (Reformed Expository Commentary series). Daniel Doriani is the brother of my uncle-in-law: My wife’s mom’s sister’s husband’s brother. Which makes me just some guy who knows his name.


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