Information Overload

Just a couple links for your enjoyment and perusal.

What is the future of evangelicalism? asks J.I. Packer in the latest issue of Modern Reformation.

A sincere plea for provocation by Aron Gahagan, a member at my dad’s church in New Jersey. I’m kind of jealous that I didn’t think to write it first.

Great pictures from lunch this past Sunday taken by our good friend Jimmey. Not sure if you can see the pictures since they are in a photo album on his Facebook profile, but it’s worth a shot.

Santa Christ? Sinclair Ferguson writes on the Ligonier blog about Christmas traditions.

R.C. Sproul via C.J. Mahaney via Justin Taylor on how to redeem the time.

Hymnary is a great resource passed on from church friends. It contains 41 hymnals, index entries on 13,224 texts, and 11,704 tunes, biographical information,8,958 media files, and much more.

Commentary on President Bush’s recent interview centering on his faith. [ht: Challies]

Speaking of Challies, he just posted his favorite eight books of 2008. I am pleased to see Horton’s Christless Christianity and Carson’s Memoirs of an Ordinary Pastor make the list and Wells’ The Courage to be Protestant as an honorable mention. Don’t Stop Believing has me intrigued – not only because it shares the same name as a Journey song, but because of its subject matter.

Archive of Charles Spurgeon sermons for your enjoyment. [ht: Kunzman: “Often audio versions are not so great – because it’s somebody simply reading the sermon in a professional reading voice…but this guy gets it right! I think he might actually preach to a congregation, which probably makes a big difference.”]

I really dislike Newsweek, and the recent (shoddy?) article on homosexual marriage solidifies my dislike. I didn’t really even want to link to it. Criticism on this article (from journalistic and biblical standpoints) has been making its rounds on the blogosphere, including this piece on the BaylyBlog.

The New York Post is reporting that C.C. Sabathia will sign with the Yankees for seven years and $161 million, making him the highest-paid pitcher in history. While I’m appalled with the salary sizes (and similar sized egos) of professional players, from a baseball player personnel standpoint, I’m more okay with this deal than previous ones involving the Yankees’ free agent choices. We let Jason Giambi and Bobby Abreu go, Mike Mussina retired, and Andy Pettite may not return, so that helps the payroll.

This video fondly reminds me of how my childhood dog, Machen, would get so excited by snow.


2 thoughts on “Information Overload

  1. interesting that Yanks will probably sign 3 pitchers between 16 and 23 Million per year and probably still come in at less payroll than last year when they came in 3rd and were 8 games back…

  2. I like the post with the dog 🙂 I recently am in love with dogs…well most pets for that matter. Also the Bush interview was so disheartening…remember when he was elected and everyone was–‘we have a Christian president!!! yay!!!’? Whether he flubbed the interview or not, there are a couple things you should be able to articulate clearly and the Bible’s inerrancy is one and number two is the gospel message. 1 Peter 3:15 “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.”


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