E and I have been enjoying reminiscing about the past lately, looking back on when we were just a couple a kids. Part of what brought this on was because we went through some “old” pictures from our dating days while laughing about great memories. I wish my memory wasn’t so bad so I could remember more! Here are a couple shots from a few years (and, in my case, pounds) ago.

From our first weekend and summer as a “couple”:

From the years before the ring:

While engaged:

I’m not sure this really goes with this post, but the Matthew Perryman Jones song “Without a Clue” kind of reminded me of reminiscing…

I hold a photograph
I get lost in the way it was
It’s like a treasure map to all I had
I found you along the way
I remember how you’d looked at me
Skies are never gray in the past

Remember when falling stars were meant for you
We’d always find the love to fall into
Everything felt like April, May, and June
We get so far, without a clue

Each day’s a second chance
To make up for what I missed before
I come with empty hands and a prayer
I’ve forgotten who I was, ’til I stumbled through my history

I came to life because you were there
You can’t get that far in a broke down car
It’s where we seem to be
Maybe all we are is a memory


5 thoughts on “Reminiscing

  1. What a sweet post! In the words of the legendary Shania Twain, “Look how far we’ve come…”Love you more and more every day, even when we are sick and tired of being sick and tired. One day we will be “real” grownups without schoolwork occupying all our time. Thank God for how He has grown us through all this, in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. A cord of three strands is not easily broken :-).

  2. Liz, I hope this isn’t as offensive as my opinion of Rascal Flatts…How and why did Shania Twain achieve legendary status? Even before I listened to country, I knew that she was a big deal in country music. Yet there are not three Shania Twain songs that will cause me to keep the radio at the same station. Was she better in her early years? Is she really even country?

  3. Scott,IMHO (blog-ese for “in my humble opinion”), Shania is un-legendary enough for the reference to have been completely tongue-in-cheek. I am truly sorry that you know little enough of my musical taste to believe I hold her in high regard.I’m curious though. Which Shania song(s) do keep you on the same station? I just know it’s “Man, I Feel Like a Woman”…skidoosh!(j/k…but come Christmas, we can debate the musical talent of Rascal Flatts to our hearts’ content.)


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