Life is Good with Google Reader

I usually don’t check blogs in an efficient manner. I would go to my blog, then click on all the links on the left. If a blog didn’t have a new post, or if I had finished reading that blog, I would come back to my site and click on the next one. I’m not sure why I did it this way – maybe because I was scared of “RSS” feeds, or maybe because I’m old school, but that has all changed now thanks to a friend’s recommendation of Google Reader. I know I’m a late adopter with RSS feeds, but it’s still really cool and I thought I’d pass it on to others who are even later apopters than I am.

It took me a while to get used to Google Reader, but now that I have it I will never go back. It’s fantastic – you “subscribe” to whatever blogs you want by either clicking a “subscribe” link on a particular blog, or entering the URL manually to Google Reader. You will have to set up a Google account (or Gmail), but if you already have a Gmail account, you can get to your reader site through your Gmail inbox! Google Reader alerts me whenever one of the blogs I follow has a new post. You can even subscribe to friends’ flickr feeds (like this one).

If you want to subscribe to my blog to make your blogging life so much smoother, scroll down to the “subscribe” section on the left (under the “categories”), hit the down arrow, and select Google (or another RSS service).


4 thoughts on “Life is Good with Google Reader

  1. Google Reader’s downside is that you’ll see posts but will not be able to give (or receive) comments. Kiss your comments goodbye!I find it much more enjoyable to keep all the RSS feeds on our website (which you can add also), which puts them in order of most recently modified, etc. One stop shopping.

  2. I’m with Ken on this one. First of all, it’s like using fat-free half and half. Why bypass the browsing that is the true joy of the blogosphere? And in the name of efficiency. Hmph. The whole POINT of blogs is to waste time, isn’t it?Also, a hearty cheer for the Blogspot feature that enables you to list your favorite blogs, along with their most recent posts. The best of all worlds!

  3. Ken – true enough about the comments, but there is a way to “truncate” what shows up in the feeds – I only allow the first paragraph (or like first 140 characters) to show up, forcing people to go to my blog to read the rest! Bwahahaha

  4. also, i agree about the feed on the side of the blog, but as far as design/aesthetics go, i’m a minimalist when it comes to design, so all the extra text makes me fidget. i like to have control!


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