Some Good Post-election News

In all the post-election hubbub, the Yankees quietly gave their fans some “hope for change.” Brian Cashman, the Yankees General Manager, has sent a message of hope for the future to Yankees fans, declining the options on Jason Giambi and Carl “American Idle” Pavano. It’s about time.

Carl Pavano was paid just under $40 million during his four-year tenure with the Yankees, during which he went 9-8 with a 5.00 ERA in 26 starts. That averages to about $4.3 million per win for possibly the biggest waste of free agent money ever. Ugh. If other prominent Yankees pitchers were paid that much per win during their Yankees tenure, it would work out to a lot of money:

Whitey Ford: $1.01 billion
Andy Pettite: $765.4 million
Mike “Moose” Mussina: $528.9 million
Mariano Rivera: $292.4 million
Chien-Ming Wang: $232.2 million

I’ve been advocating for the Yankees to cut ties with Pavano straight up for years, while hoping they would trade Giambi so we would at least get something in return for him. Oh well. Maybe we’ll go after Mark Texieria?


3 thoughts on “Some Good Post-election News

  1. i disagree – i don’t want anything to do with pavano. he doesn’t have anything to prove – he already made his $40 million, it’s not like he needs more. also, it’s not like he’s ever shown the inclination to actually work hard, so i doubt that all of a sudden he would start to try hard. even at the end of this season, when he did have “something to prove”, he didn’t pitch well and got hurt again. good riddance.


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