Welcome Back, Old Friend

My old friend, No-shave November, is back. I’ve been looking forward to this month for quite a while, especially with the recent colder weather here in Virginia Beach (high 30s at night, mid 50s during the day). My wife, on the other hand, has been dreading this month since December 1, 2007.

I’ve been doing No-shave November since my freshman year of college, and it has evolved from a dormitory bonding experience to an expression of coveting manhood to now just something I look forward to as a change of pace. It’s also difficult for me to stop something I’ve been doing for over half a decade. To celebrate, I tried to think of 10 good reasons to grow a beard. Any you would add or subtract?

  • Beards are manly.
  • Beards ease the anxiety caused by the early onset of male pattern baldness.
  • Beards serve as a connection to many of the early Reformers (and countless other famous men).
  • Beards are fun to stroke while thinking, trying to look like you’re thinking, or for no reason at all.
  • Not shaving prevents unsightly and painful razor burn.
  • Beards are warm.
  • Not shaving allows for five extra minutes to sleep in.
  • Beards make one look smarter (think professor with a pipe).
  • Beards are cooler than mustaches.
  • Beards are biblical

Me last year after No-Shave November. Note the red facial hair.


7 thoughts on “Welcome Back, Old Friend

  1. Your point about connections to great men in history is an excellent one. Also, I laughed out loud several times watching the link you posted on my Facebook about reasons to grow a beard. ‘Sledding’ was simultaneously the most ridiculous and hilarious.I love working outside with a beard on a frigid day and letting the condensation from my breath grow as icicles in my mustache.Not to be ignored as a valid pro-beard point is the fun a man can have removing a beard in stages. I shaved my 2006-2007 beard off into chops and a fu-man-chu. I attended the church Talent Night and moved into our first home with such a combination of facial hair.If nothing else, it’s nice to do things that girls, boys, and girly men can’t do.

  2. i have fond memories of sporting my pirate chops to thanksgiving dinner a few years back. granted, that was before november was over, but still. last year i had the chops/fu man as well. that really is a great point you make about how fun it is to shave it off in stages. it’s kind of hard to pull that at the end of mustache march: stage 1: small mustache…stage 2: hitler/chaplin stache?

  3. I LOVE No-shave November…so much so that I have decreed that there shall be no shaving ever in our house. I abhor the time around baseball play-offs, as this is when Scotti shaves his goatee off and then starts to grow his wonderful winter beard. I like where you say, “It’s Biblical”. Ha! Not sure if you can go with that one, Joel…


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