What the Haps Is

I don’t usually do status updates, but I’m going to take a page out of my wife’s blog and do so today for those of you who faithfully read to try to get bits and pieces of Pearce news. So here are a few brief tidbits of meaningful and not-so-meaningful news.

  • This is probably our most trying semester to date as a married couple. You can read about E’s tasks at her blog. Add my full-time work, school work, physical therapy, and other responsibilities, and what’s left is the time we have to spend together or with friends. Yikes. We have been learning many things during this time; one thing I have learned is to not take my wonderful gift of a wife for granted. Also, because of our whirlwind schedule, blogging has been moved down the priority list, so there might be a dearth of thoughtful, meaningful posts in the next month or two…Though there really haven’t been that many to begin with, so maybe it won’t be that big of a change.
  • I am enjoying my classes, though, and just decided on my term paper topic for my humanities class, which I think I mentioned in a previous post (printing press/technology and individual religious consciousness/the Reformation). So any free time from here on out will theoretically be spent in researching that. If you have any resources to recommend, please feel free.
  • I started physical therapy last week for my back/knee/hip/whatever problem, and it’s been a bit discouraging so far. Still no firm diagnosis and thus no firm progress yet. I’m trying to be patient.
  • We had homemade sushi last night at a friend’s place, and it was delicious and surprisingly easy to make.
  • On my “calling”/”vocation” front, I haven’t had much time to think about it, but I have been communicating with a couple librarians at ODU as well as one of my dad’s seminary friends who is a librarian at Reformed Theological Seminary. I’ve shamelessly asked the librarians at ODU for a part-time job in order to gain experience to 1) see if I enjoy the work and 2) gain experience because librarian jobs (and often acceptance to library school) are impossible to get without extensive experience. This weekend I got an encouraging email from an ODU librarian who remembered me and would like for me to be a volunteer intern. You might think I’m crazy for trying to find time to do this, and I probably am. But I’ll give it a shot with probably just a few hours on Saturdays to start. We’ll see where it goes.
  • E and I both just finished Peter Leithart’s Against Christianity upon a recommendation from a friend, and both enjoyed it. While we didn’t agree with everything (i.e. hints at paedo-communion, postmillenialism, and some weak/incomplete/frustrating argumentation), it was a stimulating critique of the state of Christianity and the loss of the concept of the church’s central role in society. The book is thought-provoking and at times revolutionary, but I found myself thinking how profoundly sad it is that the state of Christianity today makes a book like this revolutionary! Leithart is also a pretty brilliant guy, so he was a joy to read.
  • I’ve been enjoying Matthew Perryman Jones’ new album, Swallow the Sea, but not as much as his previous offering, Throwing Punches in the Dark. We’re also looking forward to seeing Matthew Smith and Indelible Grace in Hampton, VA next week (10/24).
  • You may have noticed that the church blog is on unofficial hiatus, and posts on Knowing God have also stopped. I’m still reading and enjoying Packer, however, and will probably post on his chapter on the grace of God in the near future.
  • A friend of mine recently built his own cornhole set, and we’ve had a great time playing. E is a natural at it, and I’m hoping to recruit my friend’s help in constructing my own set soon. Yes, there is an American Cornhole Association.
  • Last night was brutal in my sports world. While the Rays beat the Red Sox (woohoo), the Dodgers blew a lead to the Phils (I’m pulling for Joe Torre and Don Mattingly), and the mighty New York football Giants lost to the lowly Browns. Not only that, but my fantasy team lost thanks to the poor efforts of Eli Manning and the Giants defense. I was eight points down going into the game and feeling good about my chances thanks to the Brown’s porous secondary and anemic offense. Turns out I was way off, with Eli throwing three picks and the Giants defense giving up 29 points without a turnover or sack. A preseason pick to challenge for the championship, I’m now in last place.

One thought on “What the Haps Is

  1. Do you want to be a librarian? (this is a new aspiration I was completely unaware of) My close friend Shana is one (she just finished her library science degree)…I could put you in touch with her if you’d like.Go Phils!Love, Becca 🙂


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