Blogging is Not a Priority When Sick

Late Monday morning I started feeling a bit queasy, but didn’t think much of it. However, it got progressively worse as the afternoon progressed and it got so bad that I had to call E to help me out. I wasn’t going to class in that state (sparing gory details), but I had a paper to turn in and the professor doesn’t accept emailed papers. So E drove to my office, picked me up, drove me to ODU, stopped in the parking lot for me to “get sick,” and turned in my paper for me. What a woman.

After the parking lot incident, I felt good enough to drive home, so I did. I sure wasn’t going to leave my car in our downtown office parking lot overnight to be broken into. E stopped on her way home to get me Gatorade, Saltines, and soup. Again, what a woman.

What thanks do I give my loving, caring wife who selflessly took care of me in my misery? I give her the same illness. What a husband. You can read about her experience over on her blog. I thought it was something I ate, but it seems more like one of those vicious 24-hour bugs. I’m over it, and even sat through five hours of classes last night (because I can’t really skip any more without hurting my grades). To my dismay, E was home sick and very weak while I was in class. I stopped on my way home to replenish our Gatorade stores and to pay her back a tiny bit for taking care of me so wonderfully. Thankfully, she was feeling better this morning when I left for work.

All this to say that our collective creative juices are somewhat sapped from being sick (and from lots of homework), so it might be a while before we are back in true blogging form. On a side note, I confirmed my Humanities paper topic with my professor yesterday, and I’m pretty excited about it, though I still have to flesh out exactly what my argument will be. It’s going to be on the printing press (or new technologies in general) and their effect on the Reformation and/or the religious consciousness of individuals. It will probably be very McLuhan-esque (not in brilliancy, but in relying on his arguments).


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