Sunday Citation

The assumption in many Christian circles today is that we have the right doctrine (orthodoxy), but just aren’t ‘living it out’ (orthopraxy). However, the statistics (including the latest ones from the Pew Center indicating that most evangelicals believe that there are many routes to salvation) tell a different story. Most regular churchgoers have not been instructed in even the basics of Scripture. We are ‘living it out,’ but it’s the orthodoxies of our culture that shape our daily assumptions.

“Even in circles where we affirm the right doctrine on paper, do our lives indicate to our spouses and our children that we cling to Christ alone for our salvation and hope rather than to the ephemeral fads and fashions of entertainment and marketing? Do our children know by the way we speak and pray at home, in formal and informal ways, that the truth changes the way we think, feel, and live in relevant ways? Or do they have reason to conclude that orthodoxy stops at the level of assent?

“Like the Word that defines it, orthodoxy is ‘living and active,’ God’s true and faithful speech that creates the world of which it speaks. Before we can live it out, we must hear it, receive it, be bathed in it, and fed by it.”

-Michael Horton in “The Risk of Orthodoxy,” in the September/October 2008 issue of Modern Reformation



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