Is This Me? Am I Famous?

So I go to our local paper’s website (The Virginian-Pilot, the largest daily in Virginia) this morning, and to my surprise, there is a picture of a man at a Wachovia ATM that looks eerily like me. Tall, short hair, balding, and a Wachovia customer are all descriptors applicable to me. Plus, like the man in the photo, my white dress shirt is a little big on me, which also tipped me off. The problem is, I’ve never seen a Wachovia ATM that looks like that, so either that’s not me, or it is me at a Photoshopped ATM (which I can understand, so as to make it obvious to the viewer that it is a Wachovia ATM). Unfortunately, I can’t find a hi-res version of the photo, so I can’t zoom in clearly.

Judge for yourself (click the photo to enlarge):


7 thoughts on “Is This Me? Am I Famous?

  1. Joel,I don’t think it was you. It was ME. I remember that withdrawal vividly. Although you’re right, it has been photoshopped a bit — the puffy shirt for example.KenPS: Let’s put an end to word verification.


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