Worth a 21-hour Drive?

I really wish I was going to be in St. Paul, Minnesota this Thursday for what looks like a riveting lecture. Northwestern College, as part of their year-long lecture series titled “Christ & Media: Re-thinking How We Produce and Consume Media,” is hosting Mark Driscoll Thursday to speak on “How Important is Being Relevant?” Check out details here. Below is a description of the series. I’m really hoping the lectures will be available online in some form, because they represent the intersection of two of my scholastic passions: Christianity and media studies.

Think of how often you consume media, whether to see a film, watch TV, listen to the radio, download music, catch up with friends on Facebook or check out the latest viral video on YouTube. Our modern culture is indeed a media culture, holding incredible influence over each of our lives, whether we recognize it or not.

Every day we are exposed to countless messages, each promoting a particular worldview. So where does the Christian voice fit in and how do we engage, challenge and transform modern media at all levels? And what does it look like to invite Jesus Christ into the process of producing and consuming media for the glory of God?


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