Tropical Storm Hanna: The Aftermath

Well, Tropical Storm Hanna wasn’t all that she was cracked up to be, and passed by with nary a scare. It was kind of disappointing since we were kind of excited for the storm, but we are grateful that we were kept safe, fed, cool, and damage-free. A couple friends of ours had their power out for a couple hours, but all told, it was a pretty quiet storm. Here are a couple pictures from the only evidence that we even had a storm. These were taken around 6 p.m. on Saturday, a couple hours after Hanna blew through. Note how sunny it is.

The view from the front door:

Hanna had a thing against pine needles apparently:

And leaves:

The view from the driveway:


2 thoughts on “Tropical Storm Hanna: The Aftermath

  1. Joel, I’m not sure it’s right for you to sadden your readers with these pictures of chaos and destruction. FYI, I’m typing this from our hiding place in the crawl space — has the wind and light rain passed yet?


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