Lesser of Two Evils?

I usually don’t care or know enough to weigh in on politics, but I do know just enough to know that Senator John McCain did a very smart thing by announcing Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his VP choice. She’s a fiscal conservative (for us lower tax people), a mother of five (for moms), pro-life (for evangelicals), the first female GOP VP choice (for women), and the mother of a soldier soon to be deployed to Iraq (for military). It’s a smart move that should (hopefully) steal votes away from Obama.

I’ve been struggling recently with my voting strategy this year. Do I vote for who I believe to be the best presidential candidate (which wouldn’t be McCain or Obama), or do I vote for the “lesser of two evils,” John McCain? A friend of mine recently offered a good perspective: voting for McCain wouldn’t really be a “lesser of two evils” approach (McCain isn’t really evil, I’m just really not excited about him). Instead, view the election as a referendum on Obama: Vote either “yes” or “no” on whether you want him as President. Since I really don’t agree with Obama about…hmm…ANYTHING (told you I’m not Emergent), espcially Obamacide, I’ll be voting a hearty “no” by voting for McCain/Palin.

On a side note, I met Senator McCain back in the fall at a small (15 people) work luncheon, and I said then that he’s too short and talks to quietly to become President…but I’m hoping I will be proven wrong.


2 thoughts on “Lesser of Two Evils?

  1. I’m actually very excited about Palin, but who votes for a VP?! I started crying during her nomination speech…call it hormones…I was super excited it wasn’t Tom Ridge! Talk about a Liberal Republican ticket…anywho…McCain/Palin is getting a hearty YES from me in November, that is for sure.


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