2008 Elite Keeper League Draft Lottery

This year’s fantasy football draft lottery definitely had a different feel than last year’s. While last year’s was funny, fuzzy, and feline-ish, this year’s was a little more official and had much more drama. The Acting Commissioner (also the narrator in the video) purchased Bingo and a Bingo cage. We all submitted three numbers to the commish, who then put the balls into the cage. The owner who had all three of his balls come out first received the first pick, etc. Having three balls each was genius – it provided so much more drama than just one ball. The new tradition is that each commish (which is determined by who finished last the previous year) has to come up with a new way of determining the draft order.

I won’t spoil this year’s video, but I will say that I was ecstatic with my draft position. Also, I’d like to thank my wife, who picked number 15 for me. My three numbers were 5, 15, and 71. I like 17 a lot, but didn’t want my numbers so bunched up, so I flip-flopped them. Enjoy.


One thought on “2008 Elite Keeper League Draft Lottery

  1. I found it questionable how quickly they were able to read and place each ball.I also found the commissioner a little queer in the Romo jersey.Not as creative, but much more entertaining than cats eating (and not eating) treats.


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