Great Example of Stewardship

A Virginia Beach market-driven megachurch, “Wave Church,” recently was given a cease-and-desist order by the city zoning inspector for flying a helicopter in a residential zone on Sunday mornings. The reason? I’m seriously not kidding about this: The pastor, Steve Kelly, needed to make it to and from his church’s second campus in time, and logically decided to charter a helicopter to cut down on travel time.

I have heard of many ridiculous circumstances at Wave Church, but this takes the cake. Read the news article here. There are many reasons I can think of why this is utterly deplorable – and not only as a bad witness to the secular world. Yes, I’m a bit fired up about this. If my pastor decided to charter a more-than-$100-an-hour helicopter to travel 9.3 miles and save a whole 12-18 minutes, I’m pretty sure I would reconsider why I was attending that church in the first place (don’t get any ideas, Ken).

You can draw other conclusions after reading the article and its comments. It was encouraging to see some Wave Church members expressing disappointment in the comments section, but also somewhat embarrassing that some were sincerely defending this decision.

To adopt a great Brian Regan segment on microwaving Pop Tarts, if you have to charter a helicopter to make it to your other church service that is 9.3 miles and 17 minutes away (the article said 30), you might need to loosen up your schedule (or maybe move the second service back 30 minutes). By the way, Virginia Beach traffic on Sunday mornings is (sadly?) quite light.


2 thoughts on “Great Example of Stewardship

  1. It would be better to use a jet, and then all the “I heart jet noise” bumper stickers immediately become witnessing stickers (or at least advertisements for your church)…But seriously, thanks for the idea. Sometimes I have to rush out in the morning too (seriously).

  2. I’m so glad you’ve got a blog, Joel. You have unique insights and I’m thankful we can be blessed with them from afar! Jesse and I are missing you and your lovely wife. Happy anniversary, too 🙂 It will be seven for us soon. When you are both on your knees before the Lord, marriage gets better and better! We enjoyed our “newlywed” years before the kids, but wouldn’t trade the depth of our current relationship for it! We love you both and pray His continued blessing on your family.


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